Cute, but do you bring her home? – Sony STR-7065

Sony STR 7065 2 crop

Another orphan estate sale find, I fell in love with this heavy silver-face receiver the minute I laid eyes on it – this Sony STR-7065 was Sony’s top of the line receiver in the mid 1970s. It had that aircraft-grade aluminum and real-glass controls and display, a beautiful lit radio display, and a handsome and optional full wood outer case. It was backed into a corner jammed under a late model Radio Shack record player. I snapped it up before anyone else could notice. It looked so good!

Until I got it home and turned it on. No sound, half a light in the tuner dial. And it smelled. I opened the case and dumped out what looked like rat turds and cigarette ash. The inside was dusty, musty, and very dirty. I dutifully cleaned all of the knobs and switches and replaced a lamp in the tuner section and put it back together, but not without knocking the rare wood cabinet on the floor, which promptly shattered into 20 pieces. Out came the wood glue.

Back together and dry, my second attempt to start this beast up (must weigh 45 lb) was successful – all the lights worked and sound came strong out of both channels. Hooked up to the CS99aas, the sound was strong and balanced. It was very similar in tone to my Pioneer SX9000 – perhaps the imaging was a bit less strong but the bass was slightly tighter and the range higher. And boy did it look great!

Sony STR 7065 4

There were only two problems – a hum and the smell. My thorough cleaning couldn’t absolve this Sony of its past dirty life – whenever it was on it emitted a strong burnt dust/urine/plastic smell. And there was always a low hum coming through both channels. I began to think this receiver had some bad karma, and I relegated it to museum status while the SX9000 plugged away happily. Given more patience and technical expertise, I would have tried to work through the big Sony’s electrical gremlins myself, but this amp found a home as an extra parts unit for another Sony collector. Maybe it was better that way – compared to the relatively clean and orderly innards of my Pioneer, the Sony was a warren of wires and connectors spaghetti-splashed all over the place. Realistically, it was never going to get any better with me as the owner.

Sony STR 7065 3

I still keep my eye out for these when I can. The sound was amazing, and its styling was honest and attractive.

sony str 7065 1



~ by silverfacestereo on December 14, 2012.

4 Responses to “Cute, but do you bring her home? – Sony STR-7065”

  1. To bad your STR-7065 didn’t work out. When they’re right they’re one of the best vintage receivers out there. I once did a A/B comparison between mine and a Mac 1700, there wasn’t enough difference in sound to justify the extra cost of the Mac.


  2. When in order, have surround sound and powerful, with well articulated bass and treble soft and long.
    I love the Sony line of the early ’70s.


  3. Bought one in 1973, still have it. It’s a gem.


  4. I just restored one of these for a collector. It plays amazingly well!! Cleaned up nicely once years of nicotine were removed. 3 coats of butchers wax on the wood brought up one beautiful shine. Dial lights up beautifully!


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