Chance Discovery: Denon, B&W

I just wanted to share while it was still fresh…

Yesterday I did a drive-by of a couple of Goodwill stores in our area (my wife likes looking for antique silver, I review the vintage stereo gear). By chance I looked over at some small black speakers, not expecting much. But they were more than I bargained for – B&W DM601s. A once-over revealed they were a little beat up – veneers scraped and one corner of the front face cracked from what looks like a drop on the floor. But all drivers work perfectly. $35!

I also found a Denon AVR-1907 in what looked to be perfect condition. I picked them both up and went home to test.


Wow wow wow!!

I propped the B&Ws up on my KLH 6s and made some bi-wire jumpers from some old 14 gauge copper strand and plugged t hem in to the Denon, running from an iPod.

Amazing sound! They project a wide soundstage, very pleasant sound, maybe a tiny bit laid-back on top. But that keeps them from being harsh. It seems the Denon gathers steam slowly, but I really liked the sound. This was one of those demonstrations where you hear new details on the same old songs, and you like it.

Of course there’s not a ton of bass, but that’s to be expected.

Overall, I’m extremely impressed. Despite their size, I think these are my favorite speakers for the time being. I’m starting on the Polk 7B resto, and now I know what I’m aiming for in SQ.


~ by silverfacestereo on March 25, 2013.

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