Quick update – fantasy gear, my Pioneer, ins and outs

Hey all,

A quick update – hopefully in the coming weeks I’ll write more on some of my comings and goings:

– The AMT-1s have left the building – I just couldn’t get into them. The tweeters seem really cool and the design is pretty funky but the overall effect was lackluster to me. Someone else wanted them much more than I did. Until I went to Capitol Audio Fest…

– My Pioneer SX-1250 is back from restoration. Full recap. Sound = amazing. I sent it to a fellow vintage gear aficionado named Eric who is a master at making the electrons flow. We demoed the restored unit on his modded Tannoys. I was in heaven.

– I have a new set of KLH 20s in. They look good cosmetically. All drivers work but the crossovers are dead. So they go on the pile for a recap.

– My Polk 7s are still apart. Cabs are re-veneered and the crossovers are recapped. All I have to do is seal the cabinets and put it all back together.

– I’m amassing a small but growing vinyl collection.

-I went to Capitol Audio Fest this weekend. An insane collection of the most over-the-top audio in the world, at least in my opinion. Cables that cost more than my car, speakers that cost more than my house. The most impressive speaker there was topped off with a set of AMT tweeters like the ones I just sold. Damn!


~ by silverfacestereo on July 29, 2013.

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