Just in: KLH Model 32 and Sony STR-7045

I just picked up some goodwill orphans – 3 KLH model 32 speakers and a forlorn Sony STR-7045 receiver. The speakers, in addition to only being 3, are a bit beat up. At least the thoughtful owner taped the KLH badges to the rear panels when they came unglued.

Also in is a Sony STR-7045 receiver. I had the TOTL -7065 a while ago (reviewed somewhere in this blog) so I was definitely excited to see this one. Despite being low on the model range totem pole, this is a heavy and well-built machine- I would say it’s nicer than the equivalent Pioneer SX-737, dunno about Marantz. It plays well too – hooked up to my Polk Monitor 5Bs it sounds pretty nice, and gets loud quick. It deserves a deep cleaning, and the wood case needs some restoration – some of the vent slats are broken loose. This was a problem on my 7065 too. And the function knob is missing – looking for a replacement, but eBay is a little pricey.

I tested the KLHs too – they do not sound great right now. Online reviews speak highly of these little guys so I’m hoping a new capacitor will cure their ills, and that I’ll be able to make them gleam with a light sanding and refinishing.

Sony STR-7045

Sony STR-7045

Sony STR-7045 playing Polk Monitor 5Bs

Sony STR-7045 playing Polk Monitor 5Bs

KLH Model 32s

KLH Model 32s

KLH Model 32

KLH Model 32


~ by silverfacestereo on October 7, 2013.

One Response to “Just in: KLH Model 32 and Sony STR-7045”

  1. I have a Sony STR-7045. Missing knobs are pricey. Know of any substitute alternative that splits as several of these do? Nice site. Thanks-


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