Latest Project: Component Rack

I found an old butcher’s block that had split in two and had an idea – put stereos on it!!

So I got to work. It took about 2 hours of work with an orbital sander to get the surfaces in nice and smooth condition, then I stained and poly’d them to get a nice even finish. I was debating whether to oil or seal them and went with the seal. Looking back, I probably should have oiled them – the stain and poly left some white spots on the finish. Luckily they are all covered with gear now.

I stained some pine dowels from Home Depot for the uprights and bolted 4 industrial steel castors to the bottom, which look awesome. Now my SX-1250, Yamaha P-500, Pioneer VSX-820 and blu-ray are on the bottom, and my Boston VR12 is up on top under the projection screen.

I learned some lessons in doing this one, but I think for my first time it came out pretty well.

Finished table

Finished table

Closer view of table

Closer view of table

Ready under projection screen

Ready under projection screen

Covered in gear

Covered in gear


~ by silverfacestereo on November 4, 2013.

One Response to “Latest Project: Component Rack”

  1. love this diy! great job!!

    here is mine today :

    see you around. 🙂



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