Latest Update – KLH, NAD, and more

No new reviews as of late to post, but some things have been happening in my vintage stereo world….

– I’ve got my KLH 20s pulled apart and am ready to do a recap. I am also putting in regular binding posts (salvaged from my Polk Monitor 7B resto), will be re-oiling the cabinets, and re-sealing the cloth woofer surrounds with a period-correct sealant I got on eBay. Then I’ll put them head to head with my KLH 6s with my updated tweeters in a no holds-barred KLH shootout.

– I’ve got the Polk 7Bs hooked up to my Pioneer SX-1250 and am running vinyl from my Yamaha P-500. With everything in place on my stereo table (finally) the sound and acoustics are great. I also have my B&W ASW 600 hooked in to the speaker B of the 1250. Am thinking of using the internal sub crossover, but am concerned with having a ton of wires running along the wall. We’ll see. I’m pretty satisfied right now.

– I picked up a NAD 5170 CD player and another NAD 7240PE receiver last week. The CD player is a champ, and very sturdy. The receiver however seems to have a problem in the preamp somewhere – I can only get the faintest music through to the speakers at high volume. The amp is fine – I hooked it up to the preamp of my working 7240 and it sings. I’m still investigating but don’t know what I’ll do – hopefully there’s a cheap fix here…

– Am looking for a nice turntable for sale or trade for one of my stable of speakers or receivers.

– Likewise looking for a DAC, or I may try building the impedance buffer design that my friend Eric (he restored my SX-1250) designed, and recommends in line between an iPod and receiver.

– Eric also has a nice Kenwood KA-9100 coming out of a recap that I can’t wait to see and hear. More about that in the future – he’ll be parting ways with it in the near future and before he does I’d love to do a write up on this blog. If anyone’s interested in purchasing, drop me a line.


~ by silverfacestereo on November 18, 2013.

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