Just in: 2 new to me integrated amps

I’ll share more once I’ve had a chance to put them through their paces, but wanted to how off two new heavy-hitting integrated amps that just came home with me:

Yamaha CA-1010 and a NAD-3080. Both date from approximately 1978-79 and put out about 90-100 watts per channel. I’ve tested both and they both seem to work fine, despite warnings from both previous owners that there were problems inside. I’m going to clean them both and run them through a back-to-back test to see how they perform.

So far, I played a few songs through the Yamaha and it lives up to its ‘Natural Sound’ name – its clear and uncolored playback made my NAD 7100 seem bass-heavy by comparison. These definitely have two different sounds going on. I’ll be interested to see which one with more testing wins out as more pleasurable to me.

I’ve only tested the NAD 3080 on my workbench, where it made my Design Acoustic PS-10As really thump. No problems there!

Yamaha CA-1010 Integrated Amplifier

Yamaha CA-1010 Integrated Amplifier

NAD 3080 Integrated Amplifier. I have the top off to check inside.

NAD 3080 Integrated Amplifier. I have the top off to check inside.


~ by silverfacestereo on March 10, 2014.

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