Update on life

I haven’t been writing regular updates for a while. Life has gotten in the way but now I’m back on the ball. Here’s what I’ve been doing stereo-wise this summer:

– The Klipschorns spent the summer in my living room. I listened to them almost every evening, just for fun. They’ve moved on now but I won’t forget them. And I promise to post a more in-depth review soon.

– My venerable Pioneer SX-1250 is also gone. I just wasn’t using it. It sounded warm with the Klipschorns but just wasn’t integrating into any of my speaker setups. It’s now with a new, very happy home.

– I found a pair of KLH Model 33s in very nice condition. I’ll write these up in a separate short post as well. Bottom line – impressive.

– Along with the KLHs came a Kenwood KR4400 receiver that I’m still playing with. I’ll post some pictures soon. This is a giant-killer in my opinion – great sound and good looks.

– I pulled apart my little Lepai 2020+ amp after being super-impressed with how it sounded with the Klipschorns. I have half a mind to make some mods to it and see what it can do. More to come here.

– I’ve been playing with a pair of Klipsch Epic CF-4s at home. Epic is the right word. A full accounting will definitely be in order.


~ by silverfacestereo on September 5, 2014.

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