Update with Sansui 7070

Sansui 7070 receiver after some outpatient circuit surgery to get the lamps glowing

Sansui 7070 receiver after some outpatient circuit surgery to get the lamps glowing

I just found a forlorn Sansui 7070 receiver at a local record store. It’s in pretty good shape – everything is there and it sounds really really good. The lamps in the front didn’t all light up until I banged on the top of the unit. It turns out that the light board is notorious for poor solders. After about 10 minutes of reheating all the solder joints on the board I got all but one lamp to glow. Now it looks great.

The fake plastic veneer on the cabinet is peeling so I’m thinking about replacing it with some real cherry veneer on adhesive backing I have laying around. It should be a quick and nice-looking fix.

I wouldn’t bother if this thing didn’t sound so damn good. On a lark to test I hooked it up to my very power-hungry Polk Lsi7s and was absolutely amazed – this receiver sounds clear, clean, and amazingly pleasant. And it has the current to drive some pretty inefficient monitors. This thing is staying for a while!



I pulled off the vinyl covering from the case and re-veneered with the real cherry I had laying around. Picture below is pre-sanding. Now it’s looking very nice indeed.

Looks so nice I may not stain it.

Looks so nice I may not stain it.


~ by silverfacestereo on December 10, 2015.

One Response to “Update with Sansui 7070”

  1. Just found your website as i have slowly been getting into vintage stereo, I work in a more upscale area of San Diego as a contractor and
    quite often come across goodies, Currently running a NAD 7240PE, (Found by some trashcans on the way home), Works and looks great. Klipsch KG1.2’s that were given to me by a client complete with stands!!!

    last week a tenant in the townhouse complex where i live moved out and left a pair of Advent “The smaller Advent loudspeaker”‘s needing a re-surround but otherwise good shape, and a Kenwood KR 4200 needing a recap, Amazing what is out there for cheap if you keep your eyes open, Going to have to go up in the attic and see what else is up there, I know there is a vector research, yamaha silver-face and some Denon stuff that has found it’s way to me.


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