Just picked up a complete Yamaha CA-2010 and CT-1010 integrated amplifier/tuner pair. Everything lights up from beneath a film of dust and grime. I was told one channel is out on the amp. I’m hoping that’s just from corrosion in the pre-power amp coupling switch on the back – a common problem.

Will update after a thorough cleaning.


the offending coupling switch


Yamaha CA-1010 140 watts per channel



Yamaha CT-1010 tuner. Top of the line



~ by silverfacestereo on January 10, 2016.

One Response to “Yammies”

  1. Also check the input selector and muting switches, these may need cleaning – this was an issue causing channel dropouts with mine, which I also bought in similar condition.

    I restored the amp and tuner, and sold the tuner to another CA-2010 owner. I preferred my TU-717, even if it doesn’t match 🙂


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